About Us


James, Clare and Tom


Three of us run the business – Tom Williams, Clare McKenna and me, James Wilson.

 Tom and Clare first worked together in 2016 when Tom and a couple of friends opened an Italian restaurant called Piccola Italia in Litherland.  Clare was their restaurant manager.  It became a firm favourite with foodies in North Liverpool, but unfortunately the first lockdown in March 2020 meant they had to shut up shop. 

What at first seemed a bit of a disaster actually turned into an opportunity as it gave them the time and space to think about something they really cared about – the wine.

The wine list at Piccola Italia was very well regarded and Clare and Tom decided they wanted to share their wine choices more widely, hence Ten Streets Wine.

I’ve known Tom a long time – I’m married to his sister after all – and he got me involved because he knows I love wine just as much as him.  A win-win as far as I was concerned.

So, in July 2020 the three of us started on our wine journey together…

Our first delivery

Our Wine Tasting Centre is in Dublin Street, a stone’s throw away from the famous Stanley Dock.  It’s an area steeped in both history and drink.  The Stanley Dock has a rum warehouse on one side of it and there’s still a bonded warehouse on Dublin Street itself.

On separate occasions the Beatles and Bob Dylan have been photographed on our street so, all in all, we feel we’re part of a very cultured tradition.  Carving out our own part of that is very important to us.

We hope you enjoy our wine; we've certainly enjoyed our time searching for a varied and interesting collection. Cheers!

Due to the success of the bar and all the time that takes we no longer deliver wine 👍